Books written by Rob Hawkins

I have written a number of books concerning cars and computer, which are listed in more detail below and are available through Amazon.


Published in 2015 by Crowood Press, this is my second campervan related book. I produced all of the photographs and text for this book, which covers modifications and maintenance on the VW Type 2 Bay Window Transporter
Commissioned by Crowood Press, this was my first campervan related book and was published in 2014. It includes step by step guides showing how to convert a van into a campervan, with topics ranging from making curtains to fitting a pop top roof.
Part of the Essential Buyer's Guide series of books from Veloce Publishing, this book covers everything from the Lotus and Caterham Seven to all the different kit car replicas. I wrote the text and took all the photographs, using my experience of having driven, owned and built these cars for the last 16 years. The book was published in 2013.

Published in 2013, this was the first Essential Buyer's Guide book I wrote for Veloce Publishing. I test drove some of the first MGFs and several modified versions, and I ran a project car for MG Enthusiast, which helped me write this book and be able to supply all of the photographs for it.

Between 2011 and 2012, Flametree Publishing commissioned a series of beginners books covering Word, Excel, Photoshop and making money on the Internet. Each book had to be written to a specific format with strict word counts for each section and a total of 50,000 words per book. All the text and images were supplied by me and each book was submitted before the agreed deadline.

Word and Excel books to be updated for 2017.